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Warehouse & Delivery Management Systems

Who is RT Systems?

RT Systems, Inc. was founded in 1989 by a group of material handling and inventory control system professionals with a vision to create an inexpensive warehouse management system applicable to a wide range of customers and industries. RT has expanded its staff over the years, which now includes industrial engineers, supply chain management experts, project managers, software designers, and software programmers.

Our key vertical markets include:

Tire Distribution




Food Distribution

Your One Stop Solutions Provider

Since 2007 RT has added Industrial Engineers, Supply Chain Management Experts, Integration Resources, Programmers, Designers, and Software Implementation Specialists. RT has grown to be a one stop turn- key solutions provider with the necessary resources in house.

warehouse logistics



Why RT Systems is the best choice in the industry

  • RT is accountable for results
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Focus on business
  • Build customer relationships
  • You’re in control
  • Increased growth

Guide/Project Plan
Failure is not an option

Understand Needs

On site detailed review of all processes.

Comprehensive Plan

RT creates a detailed guide plan/project plan that ensures success and accountability

Phase-In Modules

Start Receiving Items with RTLocator Software, days or weeks in advance of the official go-live date

Plan For Go Live

Collaborate with customer on best date to go live and plan for data migration or a physical inventory event

Post Go Live

Train customer to manage by exception, review key audit reports, and fix issues immediately.

Continuously Improve

Customer has time available to plan for improvements in the warehouse and or back office processes.

Our Services


Project Management

RT project manager will take the lead role and guide the customer through all the required tasks and activities required to ensure the implementation is a success.

Flexible Integration Included

RT’s IT staff will work closely with customer and host system and or accounting system to eliminate any duplicate data entry and provide tools to verify RT and the Host system are always in sync. RT has many options to implement a solid integration with Host systems. So far, RT has been able to integrate successfully with all RT’s current customer base.


RT takes ownership from day 1 and leads and or supports our customers where needed. RT acknowledges reality, identifies obstacles and issues, and then finds solutions. RT just starts working on any “issues” so the project can continue as planned, while the customer’s concerns are getting handled immediately.

Industrial Engineering Services

RT can supply engineering services as needed or requested by the customer. Services include:

CAD layout of existing and or future scenarios, material flow and process improvements, benchmarking labor required, best business practices, project plans and labor required to reorganize warehouse.


RT project manager will establish the required training plan to guarantee a smooth go-live. The training will consist mainly of on-site (hands-on) training while starting to perform the various warehouse functions using mobile devices and RT’s PC user interface. RT will provide initial web-based training to introduce the basic functions and begin to train navigation on the PC.

Real-Time Monitoring Tools

RT offers a tracking web page called ‘OSR’, Operating Status Report. The purpose of this real-time web page is so RT’s customers can verify all orders are being picked and loaded per their time frame and or expectations. The OSR also includes other exception elements such as verifying stock is being stored from receiving in a timely manner.

Reporting & Alerts

RT works closely with the customer to determine which exceptions will be set up as alerts and or reports. An alert can be an exception such as an inventory issue identified by an order picker. Alerts can be sent to email addresses and or text message to cell phone. Reports are typically sent out 1x per day or 1x per week. Exception reports are typically emailed to key people in an excel or pdf format.

Cost Tracking

RT can create custom reports for any warehouse function that will allow the customer to get a true picture of labor required vs actual costs. RT can assist with benchmarking good performance and below standard performance, to coach warehouse employees to success.

Solutions Oriented

RT’s key to success has been to implement simple yet effective solutions over our 30+ years in business. Please bring your issues and suggestions to RT. RT will work diligently to offer solutions, options, and listen to customer’s input, suggestions, and needs.

True Business Partner

At the end of the day it boils down to trust and integrity. RT’s core values are founded on do what you say and lead by example. RT’s goal is to become a true extension of our customer’s business where RT is viewed as a valued partner. RT realizes this only happens when we have a good start at go live, and the customer starts to see tangible and intangible improvements right away.

Warehouse Management System + YMS

RTLocator WMS is a real-time/fully functional warehouse management system that includes all the key functions: Receiving, Store/Put Away, Transfers/Moves, Consolidation, Cycle Counting, Pick, Load Verify for Deliveries/Trucks, Physical Inventory, and Replenish. RTLocator WMS includes Yard Management functionality. (“YMS”) RTLocator connects EDI ASN’s to trailers upon arrival into yard, creating real-time visibility for all inventory in the yard and dock locations.

Delivery Management System

RT Delivery DMS is the perfect extension to take real-time visibility outside the four walls of the warehouse and track in transit status of your deliveries. RT Delivery has two components, the first being an app called RT Delivery that is loaded from the apple store or google play.

Demand Forecasting

RT offers ‘Demand Forecasting’ as an add-on module. RT’s demand forecasting module can run infinite what if scenarios utilizing forecasts from historical volumes based upon user selected time frames, user can also put in their own forecasts, etc.

Automotive Sequencing

RT offers an Automotive Sequencing solution that can operate as stand-alone software or as a fully integrated module within RT Locator WMS. RT’s Automotive Sequencing is flexible and offers many sequencing methods. RT has continually improved the functionality over the past 20 years.