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RTLocator utilizes technologies and solid processes to achieve a high level of efficiency.

The RT difference is in our relationship and service level with its customers. RT will adapt our software to meet your unique requirements. RT listens to our customers’ needs and turns around requests quickly.

Warehouse Management System

Fully Functional Real-Time WMS

  • Receiving
    • EDI, Purchase Orders, Bills of Ladings, Advance Shipment Notices
  • Store/Put Away
    • Dynamic store rules available based upon velocity, home locations, customer-specified business rules
  • Transfers/Moves
  • Replenishment
  • Consolidation
  • Cycle Counting
  • Physical Inventory
  • Unlimited Units of Measure
  • Picking Orders
    • Single Orders, Batch/Wave
    • Reverse Delivery Stop Picking
    • Route Release
    • UPS/Fed Ex – Ship Order Type
    • Will Calls/Pick Ups
    • Pick from Methodology Examples
      • Least Number of Picks
      • Pick to Clear Location
      • Bulk Picking
      • FIFO
  • Load Truck/Verify Shipments
    • Shipping Documents and or Electronic Shipment Notifications
  • Multiple Cross References – UPCs, EANs, Manufacturer Part Number
  • Yard Management (YMS)
    • Trailer and Inventory Visibility Real Time
      • Stock Check by Trailer – Displays all Contents
      • Stock Check by SKU#/Part#
        • Returns List of Trailers with SKU#/Part#
    • Dispatch Directed Tasks to Shunt Trailers into Docks
    •  Manage Empty Trailers and Create Directed Tasks for Empty Returnable Containers
  • Cross Docking
  • Assembly/Kitting/Bills of Materials
    • Production Recording and Tracking
  • Repack and or Packaging
  • Billing for 3PL’s and Public Warehouses
  • Warehouse Set Up and Configuration
    • Zones, Work Areas, Aisles, Locations, Pick Path(s)
  • Labor Management and Tracking
  • Reports – Numerous Standard Reports and Custom Reports Easily Created
  • Secure – Role Based Security Set Up for Users

RTLocator is Available in the CloudLow Entry Cost Model & 24/7/365 Support


  • Fast and Accurate Physical Inventories
    • Scan Bar Codes on Items and Locations for Easy Research When Needed
  • Customer can Select and Count All Items or Select Product Types to Count
  • Customer can Select to Count All Locations or Select to Count by Zones
    • Tire Room
    • Auto Parts
    • Shop Supplies
    • Office Supplies
  • Customers can Determine How Many Locations to Setup – “Unlimited”
  • Customers can Print Bar Code Labels for Items with Missing Labels, Missing UPC Bar Code, or to Apply Customers Unique Part Number.
  • RT Store Inventory Allows Customers to Reconcile Physical Counts vs. Host POS or Accounting System
  • RT Store Inventory Allows Additional Audit Counts when Applicable
  • RT Store Inventory Allows Edits from Physical Counts if Audit Counts Determine an Adjustment is Required
  • RT Store Inventory can Integrate with Host POS or Accounting System to Allow Bulk Updates for any Adjustments Plus or Minus
  • RT Store Inventory Creates a Unique Number for Each Physical Event and Saves the Final Results for Future Reference

Retail Store Inventory is Available in the CloudLow Entry Cost Model & 24/7/365 Support

Delivery Management System Real-Time App
DMS/RT Delivery

  • Drivers Sign out on Mobile Device for Delivery ‘Trip’
  • Drivers can Take Pictures of Items Delivered
  • Drivers Capture Electronic Signatures from Customer
  • DMS can Email Receipts and or Invoices to Customer
  • DMS Stores Documents and Signatures for Easy Retrieval when Needed
  • Customer Service can Monitor Drivers ETA’s and History for each Active Trip
  • Customer Service can Schedule Pick Ups for Returns and Alert Drivers
  • Customer Service can Schedule Transfers from Location to Location
  • DMS Stores Data Locally in Case of Poor Cell Coverage
  • Mobile Devices can be Apple IOS (iPhone) or Android IOS(Droids)

DMS is Available in the CloudLow Entry Cost Model & 24/7/365 Support

Demand Forecasting

  • Flexible What If Scenarios – Infinite
    • Historical Velocity (User Selected Date Ranges), Predicted Future Velocity, New Products Added
  • MRP Calculations and Inquiries
    • When do I run out of stock?
  • Supplier Schedules
  • Purchase Order Recommendation and or Creation
  • Reorder Reports – Based Upon Min/Max, Lead Times, Minimum Buys

Automotive Sequencing

  • Multiple Sequencing Methods
  • Real-Time Tracking – Finished Goods Bank vs. Customer Usage
  • Alerts for Errors and Exceptions
  • Monitoring of Inbound Customer Orders – Ensure 100% Uptime and Connectivity
  • Integrates with RTLocator WMS – Tracking of Inventory from Receipt to Shipment
  • Integrates with GM Broadcast, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automotive Broadcast, Ford Broadcast, and Ford 866 Sequence Schedules
  • Can be purchased as a Stand-Alone Module
  • 20+ Years of Best Practices Included
  • 24/7/365 Support Available