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SVSi — Sequence Verification System with Inventory

SVSi is a sequence verification system used by suppliers needing to provide product in vehicle build sequence just in time to automotive assembly lines.

SVSi provides error proof sequencing of components while minimizing risk by improving accuracy and visibility to the sequencing process, getting the parts to the line virtually error free. SVSi utilizes radio frequency terminals with integrated 1D or 2D scanners to provide real-time error proof technology.

Key Features of SVSi:

  • Sequencing verification flexibility. SVSi has 12 different product verification and others can be designed and developed based on product loading requirements. The different methods include forward load, reverse load, kitting, assemble, smart pick, and twin pick.
  • Pre-Sequence verification: SVSi will take a pre sequence broadcast (i.e. from paint) and verify all components are defined and set up in the system before the pick sequence is broadcast from the customer, enabling more time for problem resolution and acting as a backup method in the event of broadcast failure.
  • Flexible documentation / labels: SVSi can print a custom labels for each different commodity being sequenced based on the individual requirements of the commodity.
  • Tracking of all transactions: SVSi documents every action taken by a worker. This can provide productivity reports and first time through quality reporting.
  • Pick Area replenishment: Pickers can request replenishment of their work areas using the RF terminals which then direct material handlers to the storage location and destination location of the replenishment request, leaving pickers to concentrate on getting material to the customer.
  • Flexible rack placement scanning. SVSi can have the worker verify that parts are placed into the correct cell in a shipping rack.
  • Flexible front end "Translator" and "Importer" that easily accepts various OEM data formats.
  • Multi-lingual RF Screens for operators and material handlers.
  • Empty container tracking by commodity / type & unique serial number.
  • System accepts customer line-side "trigger" data which allows a more finite tracking of on-time shipping.
Key Benefits of SVSi:

  • Significant reductions in picker error. Defect Part Per Million (PPM) typically under 10 using SVSi.
  • Visibility to various product buffers including quantity available to pick, quantity awaiting shipment, and quantity at the customer site awaiting installation. No more "flying blind".
  • Ability to provide documentation to the customer that material was scan verified (who and when) along with when product was shipped to the assembly plant.
  • SVSi can be tailored to meet site specific requirements.
Major Operational Functions of SVSi:


SVSi receives an electronic broadcast from the automotive assembly plant, typically when a vehicle exits the paint booth. The broadcast is broken down to the commodity / part level with SVSi checking for any missing or incorrect data.


Operators pick components as instructed by the run sheet, labels them and places into the correct in sequence slot in the shipping container. SVSi can verify that the components are in the exact position within a container (forward or reverse sequence, with or without gaps) by scanning a bar code label located in the slot of the shipping container.


RF users scan verified containers onto trailers and SVSi verifies that the containers by commodity are loaded in the proper reverse sequence to aid in unloading at the assembly plant.