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Custom Solutions

RT Systems also develops custom solutions to meet your immediate needs. Some solutions we have developed include:

Material Management / Inventory Control

A small manufacturer was having difficulty in controlling inventory. Without a system to keep track of raw material, work in process, or finished goods, the company was consistently over producing one product while under producing others leading to constant fire fighting and overtime to recover and meet orders. RT Systems worked with the customer to develop processes and procedures along with a software solution that results in significantly better production planning, reduction in labor required and no overtime.
Corrective Action Tracking

A local automotive supplier was having difficulty responding to corrective actions in a timely and complete manner required by their customer. In addition, they had no systematic method to manage corrective actions to their supply base. RT Systems developed a corrective action tracking system that enabled the company to manage all required actions and provide a method for investigating repeat issues.
Corrective Action System
Container Management / Tracking

RT Systems developed a system to track containers throughout the supply chain for a durable pallet manufacturer. The system includes a graphical screen that allows users to see container inventory at various locations on a map in order to build shipments for the return of empties.
Container Management