Warehouse Management System - WMS by RT Systems, Inc.
RT Systems
Custom Designed Warehouse Management System

RTL-RT Locator Warehouse Management System

RTL provides tools for all aspects of a modern real-time warehouse management system including: receiving, put away, inventory control, order fulfillment, data collection, RFID, pick bin replenishment, automated worker direction, cycle counting, customized reports, communications with your host computer.

RTL utilizes barcode and barcode scanner technology with radio frequency terminals. RTL can also be configured to utilize RFID if required.

RTL utilizes the above technologies and solid processes to achieve a high level of efficiency and automation, resulting in a typical return on investment of less than one year.
Key Features of RTL:

  • Maintains perpetual, real-time inventory control over all warehouse operations.
  • Uses random store techniques based on zone rules, or stores product as close as possible to a part’s dedicated pick location.
  • Available interface with your host computer in order to ensure that timely and accurate data is maintained on both systems while eliminating manual and duplicate data entry.
  • Warehouse personnel are directed using portable RF terminals and all functions allow for utilization of bar codes for simple and error free operations
  • RTL provides worker productivity analysis by logging all transactions by user.
  • RTL is device independent and can run on radio frequency equipment from several manufacturers.
Benefits of RTL:

  • Real time control and direction eliminates errors, resulting in 99.5% or greater inventory accuracy.
  • Directed operations provide maximized worker productivity, and provide maximum space utilization.
  • First-In First Out (FIFO) inventory selection minimizes shelf life losses.
  • Picking verification minimizes shipping errors, and resulting returns.
  • Compliance labels are automatically provided based on customer requirements.
  • Host interface eliminates manual or duplicate data entry.
  • Cycle Counting eliminates the need for physical inventories.
  • Flexible zone storage to maximize warehouse space utilization.
  • Flexible rules for picking / shipping.
  • Order picks are verified at the location using scanning strategies leading to virtually error free pick accuracy.

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Major Operational Functions of RTL:


RTL is able to receive ASN data from your host computer for purchase order validation. All products are identified via RF terminal entry, and a pallet or load "license plate" is created for warehouse tracking. This bar coded number references everything about the load being stored (including quantity, lot number, store, and expiration date)

Put Away:

Product is stored automatically by scanning the license plate and being directed to the selected location, based on rules designed for your operation. Verification is achieved by scanning bar codes at locations.


Based on ship orders received electronically from your host computer, RTL directs picking operations via RF terminals. Various pick methods are available and additional ones can be designed. Pick methods include:

  • Pick from dedicated pick location, with replenishment to pick based on min/max levels at pick locations.
  • Pick from random reserve store locations, based on FIFO or selecting least filled locations first.
  • Batch picking, with pickers sorting orders to bar coded pick carts or totes.
  • Paper based pick lists, with RF terminals used for confirmation.


Packing control verifies parts and quantities placed into selected shipping cartons and generate carton ship labels.


If product is delivered to a ship dock, real time verification of truck loading is provided by scanning bar code labels into assigned trucks. Packing lists and bill of ladings can be printed.

Cycle Counting:

RF directed cycle counting provides immediate exceptions when physical counts don’t match RTL quantities.

Cross References:

RTL captures unrecognized UPC bar code data and associates to your internal item number via hand held scanner. Additional cross references such as a manufacturer's item number can be setup as well. RTL can be set up for only one cross reference type per part such as a UPC label or to allow multiple cross references if needed. RTL can be configured to error trap for 12/13 digit US/European UPCs or other logic for internal or manufacture numbers to avoid inaccurate cross references.