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TCS has taken a bold new leadership position in providing best-of-breed software solutions to an aftermarket industry struggling with decreasing margins, productivity concerns, business differentiation, and the growing trend to provide one-stop purchase and service outlets for consumers. TCS’s newest offering is TireWorks® HD, a comprehensive business management system designed to empower tire and automotive service dealers to achieve and secure a competitive advantage by converting more inquiries to sold work, increasing ticket values & margins, and improving the amount of mechanical work sold.

When SpencerARL establishes 3PL sites on behalf of its dedicated customers, RT provides materials management and IT expertise to ensure a successful launch.

RouteSolutions offers a fully integrated route planning and optimization system named StreetSync. The StreetSync system dramatically lowers your last-mile logistics costs by minimizing miles driven, reducing driver labor hours, improving customer service by adhering to time windows of arrival, reducing planning time, and setting clear benchmarks for your drivers. The full-featured data integration allows the StreetSync route planning module to be implemented with ease.