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Current Projects

RHD Tire - Wyoming MI

RT Systems, Inc., has been selected by RHD Tire (http://www.rhdtire.net) located in Wyoming, MI to install the RTLocator (RTL.NET) Warehouse Management System Platform in 3 locations. Warehouse sites are in located in Wyoming, MI, Ferndale, MI, and Indianapolis, IN. RT is looking forward to becoming RHD’s solutions partner/provider for warehousing, distribution, and logistics. RHD Tire’s mission has always been to deliver the highest quality service, and to be the tire dealer you trust.

Flynn's Tire Group

RT has been selected by Flynn Tire Group (http://www.flynnstire.com) to transition all four Flynn's Tire Distribution Centers to the RTLocator Warehouse Management System Platform. Once the distribution centers’ transitions are complete Flynn will then begin to launch RT Systems Inc. Delivery Management System (“DMS”). DMS is a new RT App that runs on iOS or Android mobile devices. Drivers will be scanning tires and providing electronic receipts at customer deliveries and internal retail store deliveries. DMS will also track driver status and ETA’s to next stop.

Mavis Tire - Atlanta/Buford GA Major SE Distribution Center

Mavis Tire (http://www.mavistire.com) went live with RTLocator .NET in October 2018 at their Main SE distribution facility in Buford, GA. RTL manages all warehouse activities including but not limited to receiving, cross docking, put away, cycle counting, picking, and loading of trucks. This facility has 12,000+ locations which will store mainly tires along with auto parts and supplies for its retail locations.

Import Export Tire - Latrobe PA

On September 10, 2018, Import Export Tire (http://www.ietires.com) went live with RTLocator .NET at its main warehouse located in Latrobe, PA.

Atturo Tire - Waukegan IL

Atturo Tire (http://www.atturo.com) went live with RTLocator .NET on June 18, 2018 at its main warehouse located in Waukegan, IL.

CMAC Transportation – Brownstown Township MI

CMAC Transportation (http://www.cmactrans.com) went live with RTLocator .NET 3.1 in September 2017 at their Brownstown Township MI warehouse.

Tire Discounters - Cincinnati OH

Tire Discounters (http://www.tirediscounters.com) will be going live with RTLocator .NET 3.1 at their main warehouse in Sharonville OH in October/November 2017. In early 2018, RTLocator .NET will be launched at their Murfreesboro TN warehouse.

Discount Tire and Service - Anaheim CA

Discount Tire and Service (http://www.discounttirecenters.com) will go launching RTLocator .NET 3.1 during the fourth quarter 2017 at their main warehouse in Anaheim CA. In the first quarter 2018, RTLocator .NET will be launched in their North Hollywood CA and Rancho Cucamonga CA warehouses.

Major Update of RTLocator (RTL.NET) Released

January 2, 2017 - RT Systems, Inc. announces the release of its newest version RTLocator (RTL.NET 3.1) Warehouse Management System. This new release contains improvements from user feedback received over the past few years and internally driven requirements. Major improvements in the background and framework allow RT to make changes faster and at lower costs than in the past. Improvements in loading of trucks, cancelled order management, returning items to stock, directed store options, and improved pick to clear location logic are included in this version. RTL.NET is offered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model eliminating the need to install and maintain a Server at the customer's facility.

Live demonstrations of this exciting new system are available. Contact RT Systems to schedule your demonstration.

Calbee North America – Fairfield CA, Senatobia MS, and Boardman OR

In April 2016 Calbee North America (http://www.calbeena.com) launched RTL.NET 3.0 in its Boardman OR site. Boardman is RT Systems' third site with Calbee NA. As of January 2017, RT continues to improve its capability for food manufacturing, processing, and distribution. RT is currently developing functionality for capturing detailed quality assurance data

Mavis Tire - Lodi NJ

Mavis Tire (http://www.mavistire.com) went live with RTL.NET in September 2016 at their satellite warehouse facility in Lodi NJ. RTL.NET manages all warehouse activities including but not limited to receiving, cross docking, put away, cycle counting, picking, and loading of trucks. RT Systems support personnel assisted local Mavis team in completing an entire physical inventory.

Mavis Tire - Kerhonkson NY

Mavis Tire (http://www.mavistire.com) went live with RTL.NET in July 2016 at their satellite warehouse facility in Kerhonkson NY. RTL.NET manages all warehouse activities including but not limited to receiving, cross docking, put away, cycle counting, picking, and loading of trucks. RT Systems support personnel assisted local Mavis team in completing an entire physical inventory.

Black's Tire – Whiteville NC, Durham NC, and Statesville NC

As of March 2016, Black's Tire (http://blackstire.com) has updated all three warehouses to RTL.NET 3.0 version. Black's Tire has been an RTL.NET customer since 2011.

Jack Williams Tire – 12 Locations using RTLocator WMS

As of late 2015, with the addition of their Lyndhurst NJ warehouse, RTLocator software is now in use at 12 Jack Williams (http://www.jackwilliams.com) locations. The Lyndhurst NJ location is using the latest RTL.NET 3.0 version.

Mavis Tire - Bridgewater NJ

Mavis Tire (www.mavistire.com) went live with RTL.NET in September 2015 at their facility in Bridgewater NJ. RTL.NET manages all warehouse activities including but not limited to receiving, cross docking, put away, cycle counting, consolidation, picking, and loading of trucks. RTL.NET manages all tires at this 250,000 square foot facility. RT Systems support personnel assisted in the switching over from a competitor’s WMS software.

Calbee North America

Calbee North America (www.calbeena.com) recently selected RT systems as their WMS provider in their Senatobia, MS and Fairfield, CA production facilities. Calbee produces a line of snacks including the popular Harvest Snaps’ Snapea Crisps as well as many others in a brand lineup of healthy alternatives to regular chips.

In July 2015, Calbee launched RTL.NET for controlling serialized inventory on finished goods. The process begins with a Production transaction on the Handheld Computer where the pallet of product is labeled with a unique serial number and Julian day. Next, using the Handheld transactions in RT’s WMS, the product is stored, picked, and shipped based on FIFO rules and the use of a Julian day.

In the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2015, Calbee will introduce RT’s WMS into the management of Raw Material Receipt, Replenishment of Raw Material to Production, and WIP inventory.

Mavis Tire - Syracuse Area

Mavis Tire (www.mavistire.com) went live with RTL.NET in April 2015 at their facility in Liverpool, NY. RTL.NET manages all warehouse activities including but not limited to receiving, cross docking, put away, consolidation, picking, and loading of trucks. RTL.NET manages all items stocked at store locations including tires, auto parts, and supplies. RT Systems support personnel assisted in the relocation process from existing facility to new facility during March 2015.

Training Mask

Training Mask (www.TrainingMask.com) went live with RTL.NET in July 2014 at their facility in Cadillac, MI. RTL is being used to manage all warehouse activities including receiving, put away, cycle counts, material transfers, sub assembly production, and picking of ship orders. RT has created two unique pick methods for Training Mask. The first pick method supports wholesale distributors and is a more traditional pick method using a hand held mobile device. The second pick method is used in the E-Commerce business area and utilizes a hands free auto pick method.

Walker SCM

Walker SCM (www.WalkerSCM.com) went live with RTL.NET in August 2014 at their Flint, MI facility. Walker SCM Flint provides 3PL services for GM Flint Powertrain. RTL is used to manage all 3PL activities including Receiving, Put Away, Kit, Repack, Pick, and Ship. Walker’s Customer, GM, provides an electronic order to RT which is used to make Just-In-Time shipments of product from the warehouse to the GM assembly line. RT Locator filled a much needed gap, giving Walker visibility of product within the four walls of the warehouse in real time, and providing their operation the ability to effectively plan and schedule repacking and kitting operations.

SpencarARL St. Catharine’s Powertrain

SpencerARL (www.spencerbutcher.com) been contracted by General Motors (GM) St. Catharine’s Powertrain facility. SpencerARL will be providing logistics and inspection services for the GenV engine line which will begin in July 2013. The logistics center (LOC) will be operated out of the basement of the St. Catharine’s facility, supporting components to the main assembly line. SpencerARL will manage all material related activities which include receiving, storage, repack, kitting, and delivery direct to the assembly line. GM will provide material requirements via GM’s production pull system. RT Systems, Inc. (RT) has been selected to provide SpencerARL with all software and scanning equipment. RT will install the RTLocator (RTL) Warehouse Management System, which has been adapted to meet SpencerARL’s unique requirements. Operations and material related transactions will be managed and error proofed via real time data collection using mobile technology. Inventory/Materials will be received into RTL, routed to the proper storage location, and replenished to repack cells. Assembly line orders from GM will be imported into RTL and ship/pick orders will be created in RTL. RTL will then direct operators to pick inventory based upon GM’s line side delivery requirements. RTL will provide total visibility for picking, shipping, and ultimate delivery to GM’s line side workstations. RT was also selected to provide contract services during the planning and launch stages for SpencerARL’s Engine LOC operation. RT has provided services in the area of Industrial Engineering, IT, and Materials. RT’s specific assignments include design of the facility layout, management of PFEP, labor analysis, equipment selection, error proofing/PFMEA, and IT infrastructure.

Friend Tire

As of October 2013, Friend Tire (www.FriendTire.com) has installed the RT Locator (RTL) warehouse management system in all 7 of its distribution centers. Friend Tire Company was established in 1956, beginning as a small wholesale retreading operation, later converting to new tire sales only. Friend Tire's customer base is made up of independent tire dealers located in 22 states.

Town Fair Tire

RT Locator(RTL) went live at Town Fair Tire’s (www.TownFairTire.com) East Haven warehouse in May 2013 and their West Haven warehouse in September 2013. Town Fair is performing all warehouse activities within RTL. These activities include receiving, put away, replenishment to pick locations, trailer yard management, order picking, loading of trucks and returns. Town Fair’s 85+ retail locations will also order directly from the warehouse via an RTL ship order entry interface and reserve items real time.

Voith Industrial Services

Voith Industrial Services (www.Voith.com) in Spring Hill, TN launched RT Locator (RTL) for their facility in March 2013. Voith is the Logistics Center (LOC) for GM Spring Hill Powertrain. Located on the GM Spring Hill Campus, Voith provides cross docking, storage of international material, repack, and shipments to GM against GM's Production Pull System.
RTL provides real time inventory visibility, tracking each movement via mobile computer technology. Operators are directed to feed repack and kit work cells based on FIFO logic. The repack and kit operations team are provided a real time schedule from RTL based on inventory levels of repacked parts against incoming orders from GM. Shipping labels with traceability data are generated from RTL on demand during the repack operation. Material Handlers are directed to pick based on optimal pick paths through the facility. Ship Orders are constantly monitored in real time to ensure that all deliveries are met with zero defects on time. Voith is able to inquire and report on the status of each part in terms of on hand inventory that is in expendable packaging, what is on quality hold, and what is repacked and ready to ship to GM.
Finished engines are received into the LOC, repacked by Voith to expendable containers, and shipped to overseas GM customers. Using RTL mobile technology, Voith tracks 100% of the engine serial numbers within a unique container number.

Strand Book Store

Strand Books (www.strandbooks.com), opened in Manhattan in 1927 and was named after the famous publishing street in London. Ben Bass originally opened Stand Book Store on Fourth Avenue, home of New York’s legendary Book Row that included 48 other book stores. It later moved when Ben’s son Fred took over to its current location on Broadway at 12th Street. Strand Book Store remains a family business today with more than 2.5 million used, new and rare books available.

To manage and organize its 18 miles of books, Strand Book Store enlisted the help of RT Systems. On July 9, 2012, RT Locator (RTL) went live in their Brooklyn warehouse. RTL will be used to replenish books to its retail store 2 times per day. RTL maintains real-time inventory control over all warehouse operations, allowing workers to locate books in the warehouse quickly and easily for customers.


SpencerARL (www.spencerbutcher.com) a 3PL located in Niagara Falls, Canada went live with RTL.NET on October 31, 2011. RTL will control all inventory transactions and provide real time visibility for materials inside the SpencerARL facility.

SpencerARL has been contracted by GM Powertrain (St. Catharine's location) to perform various 3PL activities such as receiving, inbound quality inspections, storage of domestic and international parts, repacking of expendable packaged parts into returnable containers, kitting, small lot picking and bulk cross docking. SpencerARL will also maintain finished goods storage and outbound shipping for GM's completed transmissions.

Mavis Tire

Mavis Tire (www.mavistire.com) successfully launched RTL.NET in early February 2011 at their Millwood NY Distribution Center. Mavis had an aggressive timeline but still met its objectives for software implementation, quality, and on time delivery. Mavis implemented the key functions in RTL for receiving, store/put away, order picking, and truck loading. Mavis has expanded upon the traditional functions above, by adding the management of cross docked tires from its stores within RTL. Mavis also improved its “in transit” visibility by launching RT’s TMS (Transportation Management System) in June 2011.

RT’s staff assisted in the planning and preparation of Mavis’ distribution center. Support activities included, material layout, material flow, operating procedures, operating systems, staffing levels, labels, and visual aids. RT’s staff also provided on-site support during start up to ensure success. "RT listened to our needs and was able to quickly adapt its software to support my unique business requirements" - Stephen Sorbaro, Owner Mavis Tire

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls (www.johnsoncontrols.com) has selected RTL.NET to help manage their production warehouse in San Antonio, TX. JCI is using the hosted version of RTL.NET utilizing Receiving, Storage, and Retrieval and Delivery to their production line. JCI went live with RTL.NET in October 2011.